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Got a whiter smile

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    ''I have only received positive feedback on the range, and frankly I too am satisfied with the result 👌🏻''


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Partner of the Ministry of Health of Morocco.

We are proud to say that our products are approved by the Ministry of Health of Morocco.


The result with the whitening strips or the pen is maintained for 2 to 3 months on average. It entirely depends on your lifestyle. For a result that lasts longer, we do not recommend carbonated drinks, coffee and smoking.

Activated charcoal helps absorb and remove stains from the enamel surface of your teeth. This is because activated charcoal is porous, which allows it to trap substances you don't want on your teeth. Plus, it has a natural adhesive quality that allows it to capture and hold things that stain your teeth, like plaque.

We have tested all our products for safety. However, if you have any concerns prior to use, please consult your dentist.

We recommend doing a teeth whitening treatment once a day until you have achieved the desired result (this can be done after a full treatment or, for example, halfway through). If your teeth react hypersensitively after treatment, we recommend waiting 2 to 3 days before whitening your teeth again.

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