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For a radiant smile in 4 steps

First, make sure there are no food particles in your mouth. You can do this by rinsing your mouth with water or mouthwash. Then follow the 4 steps below:

How often should I use the bands?

There are 14 treatments in a package. For best results, we recommend taking 1 treatment per day.
Be sure to do this after a meal so you don't have to eat for a while.


When will I see results?

This time frame is different for each person. In practice, users see results after 2 to 6 treatments.

Tips for whitening


  • It helps not to eat much or anything after whitening. We therefore recommend bleaching before going to bed.
  • Is the whitening finished? So brush your teeth well to remove all residue.
  • Can't tell top from bottom?

Is it dangerous to whiten my teeth?

In our carefully chosen formula, we have ensured that the whitening strips are natural, vegan and peroxide-free.
CocoMula started by investigating a problem. Namely, the use of harmful substances to whiten your teeth.
Thus, our formulas have been developed by experts and security controllers.

How long should I keep the results?

In practice, we find that results are maintained for around 3 months if you do it responsibly (depending on your lifestyle).
Bright white teeth require proper care in addition to whitening.
We recommend moderating drinks and foods that have a negative effect on your teeth. Think coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.
To maintain results, it is recommended to structurally use one pack (14 strips) to achieve the best results.


How can I track my progress?

In each package there is a Shade Guide. This is a tool to track your progress.

Charcoal ?

The secret and main ingredient of our whitening strips, activated coconut charcoal.
Discover the benefits of this miracle drug by clicking on the following link
- Everything you need to know about charcoal.

What do I get when I order CocoMula whitening strips?

Are you ready to work on a radiant smile? This is in a package
- 14 treatments, 2 strips per treatment
- 1 shade guide
- 1 user manual


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